Residential Life

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About Us

The Office of Residential Life is responsible for the administration of—and student life in—the residence halls on campus at Mount Holyoke.

Our Purpose

To partner with Mount Holyoke College students in creating and engaging in inclusive, compassionate and authentic communities.

Our approach

The Office of Residential Life supports the academic mission of the College by providing a residential environment for learning that respects and appreciates individual differences and promotes a sense of community. The office is respectful, supportive and helpful to students as they navigate through their residential experience, even when the answer they receive is disappointing. The office is dedicated to supporting students as they progress through their college years.

For more information about our Residence Halls check out our website!

Supporting the Be Well Model of the College

Healthy Mind: We provide space and opportunities to engage the mind, focus on studies, and have healthy dialogue that develops emotionally resilient learners.

Healthy Body: We help students find their best self by providing opportunities for active engagement, education on health and wellness, and a home for restorative sleep.

Healthy Life: We teach students life skills such as conflict management, positive confrontation, appreciating differences, and thoughtful decision making.

Healthy Community: We strive to create vibrant communities where students can learn to understand others, celebrate together, and develop healthy friendships.