Be Well at Mount Holyoke

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

About Be Well

Be Well is the College’s wellness program that provides students’ strategies and opportunities to create their own path to wellness. It integrates four components essential to building a life that sustains and empowers: a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy community and a healthy life. We believe the ability to thrive is founded on an active commitment and holistic approach to wellness. Be Well cultivates a tradition of wellness today, tomorrow, and always.

  • Healthy Body

    Engaging in behaviors that encourage optimal physical health for your body and its unique needs.

    Tips for Students:

    • Take advantage of the many resources at the Kendall Sports & Dance Complex: Fitness Center equipment, drop-in yoga and other classes, an indoor pool, indoor and outdoor tracks, tennis and squash courts, and more.
    • Discover other ways to get moving: Join a dance class or org, try a club sport, walk around campus lakes and trails, or hike Mount Holyoke.
    • Make healthy food and beverage choices at the Dining Commons and elsewhere. For help in fueling up in a healthy way, visit the nutritionist at the Health Services.
  • Healthy Mind

    Cultivating purposeful engagement in critical thinking, self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-advocacy.

    Tips for Students:

    • To unplug and unwind, visit MoAsis — a quiet space to meditate and relax — in the Health Center and in Blanchard Hall room 313.
    • Walk around upper lake in a mindful manner — look for and listen to nature, observe the water’s movement, take a bench break.
    • For free and confidential advice from Counseling Service, stop by Drop-in Talkin’ at satellite spaces around campus.
    • Try Mindfulness Meditation in Abbey Sanctuary.
    • At Interfaith Luncheons, view things from a multidimensional lens in the company of the campus community.
    • Sit in silence and stillness at Wa-Shin-An the Japanese meditation garden and teahouse.
  • Healthy Community

    Fostering a collective responsibility for healthy relationships through compassion, service, and communication.

    Tips for Students:

    • Make time for M&Cs and other traditions, which promote connections and coming together.
    • Get involved! Attend the Involvement Fair to join one of the College’s 100+ student orgs or to connect with opportunities with various offices. Even more opportunities are available through the Five Colleges!
    • Volunteer in the Pioneer Valley local area: Explore opportunities through C.A.U.S.E., Mount Holyoke’s community service organization.
    • Learn about communities, social issues and concerns through Community Based Learning opportunities.
    • Get involved in your class board or the Student Government Association to help shape and inform the student experience.
    • Join one of our many Living and Learning Communities: Live with students who share common educational, social or co-curricular interests.
  • Healthy Life

    Pursuing a sense of purpose and establishing a set of values that allow you to thrive as a lifelong learner.

    Tips for Students:

    • Get to know your academic class deanfor help with course selections, accessing campus resources and more.
    • Get peer feedback on writing and speaking assignments from SAW Center peer mentors.
    • Take part in a Financial Wellness Workshop, offered through Student Financial Services, and sign up for CashCourse (a tool for managing money and student loans).
    • Attend the annual LEAP Symposium and Senior Symposium for inspiration from peers on internship and research experiences.
    • Meet with a career advisor via walk-in hours or by scheduling a 30-minute personal advising appointment.
    • Get inspired to set goals at a Vision Board Workshop.
    • Join a career support group.
    • Start planning for summer research and internships through the First Year, First Summer Workshop.