Financial Resources

Spring 2022 Safety Net Fund

The Safety Net Fund is open from now until April 27th, to support First-Generation and/or Low-Income students who may have a difficult time accessing living necessities, technology, laundry (for students on-campus), seasonal clothing, and other needs to support academic learning in a remote environment (e.g., food, books and academic supplies, internet access, etc.). This application is managed and reviewed by the First Gen Network.

This fund does not replace the loss of student wages, but it can help offset the impact on a student's ability to meet their essential needs. Funding is not guaranteed and students may be awarded less than the full amount requested. Each funding application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis until the fund is depleted.

If you do not receive an update regarding your application within a maximum of ten days of submitting it, please email and/or reach out to us at for student support with your application. Please note that FLIP and its members do not manage the Safety Net Fund, the application process, or decisions made. However, we seek to make students aware of this resource and ensure that they are receiving adequate support and communication through our own student advocacy.

Unsure of what it means to identify as First-Generation and/or Low-Income? Check out our page on Defining FGLI!