Get Started

General User Information

Visiting Embark for the first time? This is a great first stop to learn more about what you can do in the platform! Check out the how-to-do's below and email us at with any additional questions

Get Started

  • How to log in

    Go to Embark and log in with your Mount Holyoke username and password.

  • Home page top navigation bar

    After signing in, you will be redirected to a page that looks similar to this. Notice how upcoming events and My Groups are located on your home page. You can always get back to this page by clicking on the home icon to the right of the Mount Holyoke logo.

    Note: every time you click on the home page icon, you are redirected out of the group that you were previously looking at.

    Look at the top bar of the homepage.

    1. Home Icon.
    2. Group Icon. View and join groups here.
    3. Events Icon. View and register for upcoming events.
    4. Admin Icon (only visible if you have admin privileges).

    Now take a look at the second section of the homepage.

    1. Bookmark. This feature allows you to save specific pages you visit frequently to redirect you to them easily.
    2. Bookmark. This feature allows you to save specific pages you visit frequently to redirect you to them easily.
    3. Chat. Start a chat with any user on Embark!
    4. Notifications.
    5. Profile. Edit your profile by clicking on your icon and adding information like interests, a bio, education, etc.
  • Home page left toolbar

    The Feed button acts similar to a Facebook/Twitter feed in that it has posts from groups that you are in. You can post to all of your groups here, or select a specific group that you would like to post to. (Note: Selecting one of the groups under "My Groups" will redirect you to the group-specific feed. Also, sometimes members of a group will not be allowed to post on the group feed). You can also find groups to join by clicking the three lines next to "My Groups". Notice how posts can be filtered by Topics (Ideas & Suggestions, Leaderboard, etc.).

    The Feed also grants you the ability to choose when to post and who can view your post.

    The Directory button pulls up all members of the Embark platform, and virtually allows you to chat or follow any profile!

  • Home page 'My Activities' toolbar

    This menu will localize all things that deal with you! A quick overview of these tabs:

    1. All Events that you have registered for will appear under "My Events".
    2. Surveys/Forms that you have created will show up under "My Surveys/Forms".
    3. My Tracks/Checklists will pull up all Tracks/Checklists that you have been assigned to complete.
    4. My Meetings will display what meeting times you have created for other people to book (My Meetings is blank by default)
    5. My Inbox will show you all the emails that you have received as well as emails you have sent.
    6. My CCT will pull up your Co-Curricular Transcript, highlighting what groups you are a member or officer of.


  • Editing Your Profile (uploading a photo, indicating interests)

    After you log in, click on the Account icon in the top right of your page, then Edit Profile. There you will be able to add your information, upload a photo, and edit privacy and notification settings.

    You'll also be able to upload a cover photo and indicate your interests (so that you can search in the Directory for other people who share your interests).

  • Editing Notification & Privacy Settings

    To change notifications, go to the general personal notifications, or scroll down the page to change group notification settings. Click the checkboxes to adjust web, email, or text notifications to your choosing.

    For privacy settings, check the box next to each item you want others to have access to view. Uncheck the box next to each item you want to keep private (others cannot view item).

    For information about notifications and privacy settings related to groups, please see the Group Officer page.


  • How to Find and Join a Group

    Click on the Groups dropdown, and click All Groups.

    Find the groups you would like to join and click on the appropriate checkbox. Click the Join button at the bottom of the screen.

  • How to Leave a Group

    To leave a group, click on My Groups menu item and navigate to the group you'd like to leave.

    Click on the My Membership link on the group page for this group's membership. You can choose to become a contact of the group or to leave the group.