Frequently Asked Questions

Embark FAQ

Here are some answers to questions you may have as you navigate Embark.

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General Questions

  • Who can see my Embark profile?

    By default, Embark profiles, feeds, directories, group pages, and all other functions attached to the group pages are only accessible to the Mount Holyoke community (students, faculty, and staff). However, you can change your profile privacy settings according to your preferences.

    To change the privacy settings on your personal profile, navigate to your profile page and click on "Privacy Settings" in the left hand menu. You can also click on your profile image in the top right corner of your home page, and find "Privacy Settings" in the drop down menu:

    The Privacy Settings page will provide you with a list of all the information that is currently visible to others on your profile. Check the boxes you want to display, and uncheck the boxes you want to remove.

    At the end, you have the option to keep your profile hidden from the Embark directory, events, chats, group member lists, etc. You can also choose to "deactivate" your profile, which means no one will be able to see it. Reactivate your profile at any time by unchecking the box.

  • Will I see my class lists and other academic information in Embark?

    No, Embark is currently for social and engagement activity.

  • Are there any resources for online Accessibility that are useful for participating in Embark?

    For AccessAbility resources, click on the Accessibility Toggle underneath your profile picture on your dashboard:

    For tips on writing image descriptions, check out this resource from Digital Accessibility Services at Harvard University. For even more web accessibility resources, visit this AccessAbility webpage and check out this LITS research guide on Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards.

  • How do I include image descriptions or alt text in the images I add to Embark?

    To add image descriptions to the images in your emails, do the following:

    In Email Composer, double click on the image in your template and navigate to "Image Info" in the pop-up menu. Enter your image description under "Alternative Text."

    In Email Builder, double click on the image in your email draft. Enter your image description under "Image Alt" in the right hand menu.

    To add image descriptions to the images posted to your group page, upload an image to post and include the description in the text box that reads "What's on your mind?"

  • What pixel dimensions are best for displaying images on Embark?

    • Event Background: Embark will crop event background images into 380px high and 760px wide rectangle, so it's best to upload a photo with a width of 760px or more for good quality and fit: we recommend 864 W x 432 H pixels (or 12in x 6in).
    • Profile Pictures: Any square image will crop well for your group or individual profile picture.
    • Cover Photos: Standard social media cover photo sizing is best for your group and individual cover photos: 1920 W x 350 H pixels.
    • Feed Photos (photos you post to your feed): Photos will crop in a square shape. Standard social media image sizing is best for posting to your feed: 1924 W x 1924 H pixels.
    • Website banners and cover photos: Website banners are flexible with any image width. Image height will vary based on the widget. The recommended size is: 1920 W x 350-800 H pixels.
    • Email Builder: Email builders are also flexible! The recommended size for full-width photos is:1200 W x 200-500 H pixels. The recommended size for half-width photos is: 500 W x 500 H pixels.


  • What is an Embark group?

    Groups organize students, staff, and faculty into one team. They could be student organizations, departments, or even subcommittees. Members of the group may have varying levels of access/authority inside of their group, depending on what the officer of the group grants them. (Each group has a number of designated officers who can access a dedicated group management area).

  • What can I do as a group member?

    • Explore groups and activities, as well as other people's profiles on campus.
    • Receive news about school news, group pages, events calendar and notifications from around campus.
    • Share news/announcements with other group members or the entire campus.
    • Get involved by posting, joining groups, registering for events, and answering forms or surveys.

Surveys & Email

  • Who can access group surveys?

    All users will be able to look at surveys / forms that they've answered.

    Officers will also be able to see the surveys / forms that they've created on behalf of a group, and they will be able to create surveys / forms from within their group page.

  • Can I send an email to my group?

    Only officers of a group can send email on behalf of the group.