Student Standing Committees

Student standing committees are SGA committees comprised solely of students that work to address and improve the experiences of specific aspects within the MHC student experience.

All Campus Elections (ACE)

ACE runs the election cycle for Student Government Association and Class Boards each semester. The committee organizes the elections, gets the word out about running and voting to the MHC community, and updates and collects the candidate materials and ballots. ACE plays an important role in the student government at Mount Holyoke College, and allows MHC students to decide who represents the student body.

Appointing Board (A-Board)

A-Board assists the SGA Chair of Committees with "Committee Yourself Week" and appoints members to committees as well as acts as liaison to all committees in contact with SGA. Responsible for training committee members and overseeing the smooth running of all SGA committees.

Constitutional Review Committee

CRC is a standing committee that works to revise the student government constitution. This involves creating new policies, collaborating with different parts of the college, and discussing how best to handle constitutional questions when they arise.

Exam Coordinating Board

The Exam Coordinating Board works to ensure that student-run exams proceed smoothly and fairly for all students. Members supervise the volunteer process and an individual exam shift and in return get a 24-hour bump in their registration time!

International Student Organizing Committee (ISOC)

ISOC (International Students Organizing Committee) hosts events and info sessions for all international students at MHC. It places strong value on helping international students feel more at home, supporting them in their academic journey away from their home country, and fostering inclusivity & community bonding. ISOC holds discussions about international student life, collaborates with other cultural orgs to create exciting events, and ensures its members act as leaders among the international student community.

Lavender Committee

The mission of the Lavender Committee is to celebrate and support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans/Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic and other identities community on the Mount Holyoke Campus. The Lavender Committee will also host signature programs. As Mount Holyoke College prides itself on diversity and inclusion, the Lavender Committee seeks to celebrate the ways in which the LGBTQIA+ community has navigated their unique experiences on campus and beyond.

Project Management Committee

The Project Management committee aims to realize ideas that have positive impacts on the MHC community. In the past, we sold 200 subsidized steel straws on campus to address student's environmental concerns about paper straws' at the pub. We cooperated with local storage to offer free storage for students whose home is far away. We glean ideas from students' voices to make Mohome more home.

Student Accessibility Committee (SAC)

SAC seeks to eliminate access barriers on campus so as to be more welcoming and friendly to members of our community who face those access barriers. They wish to provide safe and inclusive spaces for students to talk and address ableist administrative infrastructure and practice, and to create a more accessible campus experience for all MHC students.

Students of Color Committee (SOCC)

““For the students, by the students”, the Students of Color Committee’s (S.O.C.C.) mission is to serve as a bridge between the students of color on campus and stakeholders such as Student Government Association, the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of the President, Office of Advancement, and the Board of Trustees.” We are responsible for coordinating The Hortense Parker Celebration, The Trailblazers of Color Leadership Conference, and The Stoling Ceremony, additionally this year we are going to be hosting a series of town hall events for students of color to share their views on various topics.

Student Conference Committee

Are you interested in making change on campus? Consider joining SCC! The Student Conference Committee (SCC) is responsible for collecting opinions about the student experience via our annual survey and presenting that data to relevant departments on-campus including Dining Services, the Division of Student Life, the Leadership Team, and the Board of Trustees. SCC has already been responsible for several changes on campus including the addition of new permanent counselors, airport shuttles, and Zipcars. Beyond helping student voices be heard and creating positive change, SCC also provides members the opportunity to develop important professional skills through data analysis training in Excel, advanced presentation making, and public speaking opportunities. Involvement in SCC is a great way to make meaningful improvements to the college while growing useful skills!

Ways and Means Committee

Ways and Means oversees the budget to ensure that guidelines are adhered to by SGA funded organizations. Conducts audits and reviews funding applications. Functions as the financial review board to the senate and presents the budget of the SGA in April. Making sure that each org has a voice and space on campus.

Student Advisory Committees

Student advisory committees are comprised of MHC students who work with an established department on campus (such as LITS or the CDC). They seek to collaborate and guide their department counterparts in how they can best serve the needs of the MHC student body.

LITS Advisory Committee

The committee member will be reponsible to: 1. advise the Director of LITS and the Dean of Faculty about library and instructional technology needs of the College, 2. Promote the effective use of these resources among faculty and students for learning, teaching, and research, 3. Guide strategies for the maintenance and development of the library collection, 4. Assist the Director in long-range planning for information technology, 5.Review the LITS budget yearly and assure that the allocation of resources is aligned with the goals of the long-range plans, 6. Assure Faculty representation on search committees for the senior management positions of LITS and choose Faculty representatives for the search committees, 7. Coordinate the work of LITS with the long-range curricular planning of APC, 8. Make recommendations pertinent to curricular and faculty development opportunities, planning, policies, budgeting, external funding opportunities, computer labs, use of space, and collection development, and 9. Report to the Faculty any discrepancies between the long range plans and the procedures or operations of LITS with recommendations for actions to resolve such discrepancies.

College Committees

Comprised of a mix of students, faculty, and staff, college committees work to ensure that the college is meeting the needs of its students in various different aspects.

Academic Priorities Committee

The Academic Priorities Committee discusses a variety of topics regarding the quality of academics of the college. Previous issues brought up in this committee have included core college requirements (i.e. the quantity of PE units necessary to graduate), the adoption of chords for student athletes, implementing the new class schedule times, as well as faculty allocations.

Common Read Committee

Work with staff and faculty to make a recommendation for the 2021-2022 Mount Holyoke Common Read.