COVID-19 Updates

Starting July 1, students who test positive for COVID no longer need to notify Health Services. The College will also no longer report or track COVID case counts.

A limited supply of KN95 masks and COVID rapid test kits will be available in the Student Life suite (Blanchard 205). For the College's COVID-19 webpage.

Return to campus January 2024:

If you test positive for COVID prior to arriving back to campus, you must isolate where you are. You can return to campus on day 6, once the 5 days of strict isolation is completed. You will need to wear a mask on campus until day 11. Reminder: day 0 is the day your COVID symptoms began, or if you do not have symptoms the day you tested positive.

If your day 6 is on or after Tues, January 26 (the first day of classes), you are asked to contact your Academic Dean.

Prior to arriving back to campus, all students are encouraged to: Self-test for COVID-19 before beginning travel, and follow the above requirements if you test position. Bring KN95 masks and self-test kits with you as well as any other needed hygiene related items. Note that KN95 masks and self-test kits will still be available in Blanchard 205.

Roommates of students who test positive for COVID and Close Contacts:

In the case of roommates of COVID-positive students, they are considered close contacts and already exposed to COVID. Alternative housing options are available only to those with COVID-related accommodations registered via Disability Services. Students do have the options to stay with a friend/peer while their regular roommate recovers.

Exposed individuals should also take the following actions: They need not quarantine. They should mask when indoors for the 10 days following last exposure; the only exception is while sleeping in their own room and when needing to remove mask for personal hygiene. Masking is encouraged but not required when outside but in crowds.  should also monitor themselves for respiratory symptoms. They should get a COVID test if symptoms develop or on Day 6 if no symptoms occur. Students can self test or schedule an appointment for medical evaluation &/or testing as a close contact.

If an exposed individual tests positive, they should notify their close contacts (which includes their roommate) and begin strict isolation and follow the guidance for COVID-positive students. If an exposed individual tests negative on Day 6, they should continue masking for the full 10 days.

Students who test positive for COVID once the semester starts / you are on-campus:

All residential students will isolate in their residence hall room, regardless of roommate status; those who live off campus will isolate off-campus until protocols permit return. Residential students who are able to safely travel off campus for isolation are permitted to do so, but cannot return to campus until their isolation period has ended.

Isolation Guidelines

MHC will follow the public health guidance for isolation recommendations regarding COVID-19 infection.

At present, people who test positive must isolate in place for five days following the onset of symptoms or the date of the positive test they took (if they did not have symptoms). Should inform their close contacts (which includes their roommate), failure to do so could be an Honor Code violation.

If clinically improving, during days 6-10, students may follow "heightened safety precautions," including wearing a KN95 mask outside their residence hall room and continuing to get food to-go and eating alone. For more info about food please read below.


Students seeking COVID-19-related accommodations should submit the necessary documentation to Disability Services. Typically these will be for immunocompromised students and or those with long-term or chronic disabilities, and if you have questions please reach out to Disability Services.

Students registered with Disability Services for COVID-related accommodations can contact the Office of Residential Life for temporary alternate housing placements if their roommate tests positive for COVID.

Questions & Support

If at any time you have questions or want health support, please contact Health Services.

Reach out by calling 413-538-2121 during business hours, and ask to speak with a nurse. Urgent health needs are supported after hours via the contracted answering service; please do not phone the answering service for public health protocol questions.


Students are not permitted to attend classes during the 5 days of strict isolation; you may attend classes during days 6-10 if your health permits, but you are required to wear a KN95 mask whenever outside your residence hall room / home.

Students who require academic support during their illness can contact their Academic Dean (

Note: fellow students or faculty with COVID-19 accommodations may limit COVID-positive students from attending class until Day 11.


Bathrooms: Residential students who are isolating in place are permitted to use common bathrooms, wearing their KN95 mask, whenever needed for toileting. Suggested times will be posted for the use of residence hall bathrooms for hygiene that requires the removal of a mask (brushing teeth, showering) for the full 10 days following COVID infection.

Roommates: Are encouraged to follow heightened precautions, as more than likely they have been exposed. Roommates encouraged to monitor themself for symptoms, mask outside of their residence hall room and in their residence hall room (except when sleeping), and self-test on day 6 of exposure or if symptoms start. If at any time you have questions or want health support, please contact Health Services (see questions and support above).

Guests: Guests staying overnight in residence hall rooms will be required to register via a form that will be available on the College's Residential Life Embark page in mid-August. However, they will no longer need to be vaccinated or have received a recent negative COVID-19 test result.


Will following isolation guidelines, you yourself will get to-go food from the Dining Commons to bring to a private space to eat for the full 10 days following COVID-19 infection. You must wear a KN95 mask outside your residence hall room when not eating.

For information about Useful To-Go containers, please review Dining's website.


You can pick up your mail from the Mail and Copy Center as your health permits, but you must wear a KN95 mask to do so for the full 10 days following COVID-19 infection.