Care & Support Resources from the Division of Student Life and Campus Partners

The wellness, care, belonging, and support of our student community is incredibly important to the Division of Student Life and all of our campus partners. For students looking for information about community events - check out the College calendar, if you want to know more about Be Well and Be Well programming, if you're looking to connect with student organizations or getting involved or make a friend - check out Student Involvement.

Mount Holyoke College urges community members to report observed behavior that warrants concern for the safety of the community and/or the safety of an individual.  Submitting a Care and Support Report is a demonstration of your care for the student -- it's a compassionate decision to bring professional care to a person in need when assistance is required beyond that which a friend or faculty/staff member can (or should) provide. This form is for NON-EMERGENCY reporting. If this is an emergency, please call Mount Holyoke College Public Safety and Service at 413-538-2304 or x2304 from a campus phone.

Other Referrals

See the Community Standards webpage for more information about referrals, the Community Standards Process and Student Handbook.

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