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What are the Class Boards?

The class boards are elected members of each class year, whose primary duties are to bring their class together by sponsoring activities that promote group cohesion and bonding. Each class board is responsible for carrying on some of the most important Mount Holyoke traditions. The rising sophomore, junior, and senior boards are elected in the spring for the following academic year while the first year board is elected in September. The class boards share a common guiding constitution.

Our Team

Imaan Moin
Domenica Guaman
Vice President
Sam Moulton
Head Class Agent
Ray Stieber
Sophie Vincent
Head Class Agent
Sierra Millay
Social Chair
Emma Legacki
Ningjing Ma
Jenna Caputo

Class Board Positions

Every Spring semester, members of each class are elected to their Class Board to represent their class and uphold Mount Holyoke traditions. Members of the Class Board must be elected each Spring semester to serve on the Class Board for the following academic year. Each Class Board consists of 7 to 9 students, all serving in various positions, including:


➼ Call and Preside over all Class Board Meetings.
➼ Create an agenda and share with the rest of the Class Board 24-hours in advance of each meeting.
➼ Act as the official voice of the class in accordance with the procedures and systems contained within this Constitution.
➼ Meet with the Class Board advisor(s) regularly.
➼ Have the authority to use the official class email list and to do so in compliance with the college’s policies.
➼ Assist the Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program.
➼ Appoint a committee to oversee Junior Show and ultimately take responsibility for the production
Work with the college staff to coordinate ushers for Baccalaureate and Commencement.
➼ Coordinate a function with the Career Development Center, Alumnae Association and the Academic Dean’s office
➼ Serve as President of the class for one academic year

Vice President

➼ Serve as President of the class in the event that the President cannot fulfill their duties, resigns, or is removed from office.
➼ Assist the other class officers whenever called upon to do so.
➼ Oversee with the Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program
➼ Work in coordination with the President to appoint a committee to oversee Junior Show
➼ Serve as Vice President of the class for one academic year


➼ Complete online SGA Authorized Signers training.
➼ Attend additional financial training with the advisor as needed
➼ Maintain and keep an updated class ledger and bank account.
➼ Prepare the class books for the end of the semester audits by the Student Government Association.
➼ Design and coordinate at least one fundraiser for the class.
➼ Prepare budgets for major class events.
➼ Make all financial transactions for the class with the assistance of the President and/or the second Authorized Signer as needed.
➼ Plan ahead to ensure an adequate amount of funding for Junior Class
➼ Coordinate the fundraising elements of the Junior Show
➼ Serve as Treasurer for the class for one academic year


➼ Take minutes at all class and officer meetings and distribute minutes within 48 hours of the meeting.
➼ Archive a copy of the minutes for class records.
➼ Create & distribute class notices, posters, and other information.
➼ Serve as Secretary of the class for one academic year

Social Chairs (2)

➼ Oversee the planning and implementation of all aspects of class social events.
➼ Be familiar with all event planning and facility use policies provided by Student Programs.
➼ Coordinate all Big Sibling/Little Sibling social events.
➼ Assist with Junior Show social events.
➼ Manage all class social media channels including but not limited to Class Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter accounts, etc.
➼ Serve as Social Chair of the class for one academic year.


➼ Attend Senate meetings every week.
➼ Serve as a resource and connect to SGA for their class by holding office hours once per week, publicizing the senate agenda in advance of meetings to solicit opinions from members of their class, publicizing the date and time of each meeting on Class Social Media platforms, and publicizing the minutes after meetings.
➼ Maintain regular correspondence with their respective Class Board and shall meet with their Class Board at weekly Class Board meetings.
➼ Announce their Class Board events in Senate.
➼ Check-in with the Chair of Senate at the beginning of senate to confirm their attendance. The same rules that apply to Hall and Organization senators shall apply to the Class Year Senators.
➼ Serve as the Class Year Senators’ official liaison on the Executive Board.
➼ Serve as the Class Senator for one academic year.

Head Class Agents (2) - Senior Year Only

➼ Create and implement a senior giving fundraising plan with the Office of Development, with the option of a senior gift
➼ Meet regularly with the Annual Funds and Special Gifts Officer of the Office of Development and Giving assigned to Class Gifts to outline and schedule strategies
➼ Attend Alumnae Association meeting at Reunion I to announce the Senior Gift and to accept the 50th Reunion Trust Check
➼ Have the option to serve on the Commencement Committee.
➼ Serve as Head Class Agents until the second year reunion.

Want to learn more?

➼ Check out the All Campus Elections (ACE) website for more information on elections and available positions!










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