Useful Links

Origami Instruction Resources: (In order of difficulty)

Instruction Basics Guide: Origami Club PPT

Origami for Beginner's Guide

Abrashi Origami School

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Origami USA Can also buy Origami Tanteidan Convention books

Origami Club (Youtube)

Origami Make

Origami Tutorials

Origami Fun

Make Origami

Origami Shop Can also buy supplies and instructions


Origami Club (Youtube)

Origami How To (Youtube)

Origami Song (Youtube) Lots of themed origami

Happy Folding (Youtube)

Idea King (Youtube)

Lavender Home (Youtube)

PaperART 013 (Youtube)

Paper Crafts 1101 (Youtube)

Origami Tutorial (Youtube) Lots of dinosaurs

Dollar Origami:

Janessa Munt (Website) (Youtube)


Origami Resource Center


3D Triangular Units

Modular Origami Swan (easy 40p) (intermediate 181p)

Ekaterina Lukasheva (Website)

Meenakshi Mukerji (Website)


Origami Resource Center

E. (Youtube)

Ilan Garibi (Youtube)

Kamikyodai (Youtube)

Michal Kosmulski (Website)

Crease Patterns:

Origami Resource Center

Origami Simulator

Hojyo Takashi

Origamists: (In order of general model difficulty)


Leyla Torres (Youtube)

Neil Lin (Youtube)

Chrissy @Paper Kawaii (Youtube)

Kamikey (Youtube) Lots of Japan themed

Ako @OrigamiAko (Youtube) Seasonal

Alice @Hello Origami (Youtube) Cutesy

Anastasiya Prokuda @ColorMania (Youtube)


Kevin Hutson (Youtube)

Michelle Fung (Website)

Giang Dinh (Website)

Henry Phß║ím (Youtube) LOTS of Pokémon

Muneji Fuchimoto (Youtube)

Riccardo Foschi (Youtube)


Kade Chan (Youtube)

Jun Maekawa (Youtube)

Jo Nakashima (Youtube)

Takashi Mori (Youtube)

Seth Friedman (Youtube)

Mariana Zavala (Youtube)

Difficult (Crease Patterns):

Brian Chan (Youtube)

Jason Ku (Website)

Fascinating but insanely difficult:

Robert J. Lang (Website) (The Complete Book of Origami)

Satoshi Kamiya (Works of Satoshi Kamiya)

Hojyo Takashi (Website)