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The Office of Community and Belonging fosters a sense of belonging by providing holistic support for all students using an intersectional approach with a focus on social justice, liberatory consciousness, faith and identity development.

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Janyce Carroll

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Fatima Shah

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Fatou Barry

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Luca Gorman

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Alicia Erwin

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Ahmaya Graves-Young

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Sabina Miezah

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Kay White

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Danielle Quaye

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Adjoa Baidoo

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Emmanuella Umoye

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Nafisa Bashar

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Zaineb Chaudhry

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Mikayla Esquilin

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Antara Tripathi

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Nezbah Young

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Annmarie Murdzia

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Katie Dick

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Akosua Frimpong

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Kayla Scott-Mcdowell

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Annie Clattenburg

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Citlalli Caratachea

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Brenda Payette

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Latrina Denson

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Manju Sharma

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Leslie Fraser

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Amelia Ender

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Elizaveta Lozovaya

Muslim Chaplain