Office of Community & Belonging

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About Us

At Mount Holyoke, promoting “a beloved community” by cultivating an inclusive and socially just campus environment for all is a priority. The Office of Community and Belonging is committed to the holistic development and wellness of Mount Holyoke students using intersectional frameworks with a focus on identity, social justice, religion and spirituality,and liberatory consciousness. We create opportunities for those who gather and engage with The Office of Community and Belonging to feel empowered to ask and explore: “who I am, who do I want to be, and who do others think I am, and want me to be?”

Our Team

AJ Johnson
Tahin Osborne
Emma Mair
Lynne Sionkiewicz
Akosua Frimpong
Kelechi Ezeugwu
Corrine Liu
Madison Shipp
Kayla Scott-Mcdowell
Cynthia Akanaga
Maille Romulus
Juliette Gagnon Strong Heart
Maitreyi Subedi
Grae Wason
Emi Wilson
Emily Fetsch
Gloria Kodua
Annie Clattenburg
Valeria Serna Serna-Solis
Citlalli Caratachea
Janiqua Davis
Ayesha Khalid
Deepika Kumawat
Brenda Payette
Latrina Denson
Manju Sharma
Leslie Fraser
Amelia Ender
Elizaveta Lozovaya
Muslim Chaplain