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In the Face of our Despair One-Shot

by Renegades

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Fri, Nov 26, 2021

4 PM – 8 PM EST (GMT-5)

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The Mirrored Darkness

CW: Body horror, doppelgängers, animal harm, self-drowning, sharp objects, prisoners

“The Gray Forest was once a place to seek wisdom. Within its hallowed trees, pools of magic seep through the earth and the wind whispers secrets. Many teachers, mentors and guides made their way to the Gray Forest, offering their knowledge…”

The war has not been lost against vampires. You and your fellow Fae Guardians still have time to evacuate your loved ones and preserve as much of the woods’ magic before the forest is destroyed by twin vampires Lady Scarlet and Lady Snow. You must prevent them from gaining the secrets of the Gray Forest, at any cost.

Notes: This one shot explores colonization in a fantasy setting, in which things will end in tragedy. You will lose this war, but this is your opportunity to tell your story—one of survival, one of resistance, one “of holding onto the last of the light as the darkness swallows everything whole.” As such, it will be difficult game and we will be implementing multiple safety tools and an open-door policy: if you realize it is not a game for you, you are always free to leave without judgement.

Day & Time: Friday, November 26 4-8 PM EST (Virtual)
System: In the Face of Our Despair
Players: 4 to 6 players
Silly to Serious rating: 1 (Most serious)
Level of Planned Sexual Content: 1 (No sex planned and if any players roll to seduce it will happen off screen with no comment)
Planned Violence: 4 (Zombie tv show level of graphic violence. Things will get messy)