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Before Malcolm X: The History of Islam in the Americas

by Religious and Spiritual Life

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Wed, Mar 24, 2021

5 PM – 6:30 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Islam Awareness Month! Part 2: Mustafa Briggs will discuss the history of Islam in the Americas before Malcolm X.

Co-sponsored with Amherst College and Smith College.


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Mustafa Briggs

Mustafa Briggs is a graduate of Arabic and International Relations from the University of Westminster, whose dissertation focused on Arabic Literature and Literacy in West Africa. He started an MA in Translation at SOAS with a specialization in Arabic and Islamic Texts, before going on to enroll and be accepted on the prestigious Rawaq Islamic Law and Arabic Studies program at al-Azhar University. He has also been blessed to combine his formal studies with extensive travel across the Muslim world to benefit from traditional scholars in Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, The Gambia, and Nigeria. Mustafa has previously delivered lectures, talks and panel sessions at Oxford University, King’s College London, UCL, The University of York, and the University of Manchester as well as appearing Online and on International Television to discuss themes such as Islamic History and Blackness and Islam and is currently working on forthcoming translations of Traditional West African Islamic Texts.

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