El Ritmo

Bailemos al Ritmo! :)


About Us

El Ritmo will allow us to further expand the cultural awareness of the Latinx group on campus. By participating in dances and events that reflect on the different cultures within the Latinx community, members will learn diverse forms of styles from the music danced through the periods of colonization of our ancestors, to our current most popular music. Overall, we want to create a multicultural space where members can bond and share different methods of dancing from one another.









Type of Dances

We dance to all types of music! Here are some: Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Punta, Zapateado, Champeta, Mandingo, Ranchera, Dembow, Reggaeton, and the list continues!

Events & Activities

We host dance nights in Kendall or in the Rockies or Mi Gente Lounge. We also host Karaoke nights in the Pub. Last but not least, you can always look forward to a performance throughout the school year!

Exclusive Resources

We believe in community. This is more than just dancing. This organization promotes bonds and encourages trust, respect, safe space and most importantly fun.


We are all here to support one another. We will guide and support you through your experience at Mount Holyoke and be there  for you.

Our Team

There are no officers.

E: el-ritmo-g@mtholyoke.edu

El Ritmo

50 College St
South Hadley MA 01075
United States