Summer 2022

Information on this page is not current and will be updated in February 2023

  • Residence Housing Contract

    The Summer 2022 Housing Contract is available in Residence. The contract must be signed by May 29, 2022.

  • Residents Moving

    Summer residents will be moving to their summer assignments on May 13, 2022. You can pick up your key in Blanchard 205 from 9am - 3pm that day. A limited number of carts will also be available there. Carts can be checked out for a 1 hr period. Please return carts promptly after you are done since many other students will be interested in using them also; all carts are due back by 3:30pm regardless of when you picked it up. Summer housing rooms are assigned to the student AS IS. Depending on the dates and duration of the resident’s stay in summer housing, the room may not have been cleaned prior to occupancy. Any cleaning prior to moving in is the responsibility of the resident moving into that space.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    There are trash bags, brooms and dustpans in the student housekeeping closets and disinfectant spray, towels and buckets in the kitchenette for students to use during the summer.

  • Checking Out of Current Room

    • Start packing early, do not leave all your packing for moving day. Packing can serve as a great study break.
    • Remove stickers, tape and adhesives from all surfaces.
    • Free Bins are located in each residence hall for items that you no longer want. Free Bins items are donated to Hartsprings Thrift Stores and proceeds go to Big Brothers & Big Sisters at the end of May. No Mattress Toppers or Foam Pads.
    • Properly dispose of ALL trash (Not in the Free Bins).
    • Thoroughly clean out your items from the Golden Pear or your refrigerator if you’re in an apartment.
    • Close and lock windows and pull down window shades.
    • Clean the room and suite/apartment (including bathroom toilets, showers, sinks and fixtures). Sweep or vacuum as needed. Do not sweep out into the hallway.
    • Close and lock the room (and suite/apartment) door.
    • Drop your room key off to the key in a sealed envelope (envelopes are provided next to key boxes) in the box located outside the Office of Residential Life, 1 Safford Hall or the Information Desk in Blanchard Hall.
    • Do NOT leave your keys in your room, under an RF/RA’s door, with another student, or with Public Safety & Service. If your keys are lost we will change your locks, there will be
  • Golden Pear

    The Golden Pear kitchen will be available to students over the summer. Please be considerate of all residents within your community. It is the responsibility of each resident to clean up after themselves. 1837 Room 121 will be open to use as a Golden Pear for the Prospect residents as they do not have a Golden Pear in their building. Therefore, summer residents will have 24/7 access to both Prospect and 1837 Hall.