The MHOC Cabin

Mount Holyoke's Cabin is located in Section 7 along the New England Trail. It is available to rent for students and the general public while school is in session. Find reservation instructions below, and email with any questions!

Reserve the Cabin!

Here's how:

Check Availability: Use the link below. If it says "busy" the cabin is not available on the nights in between the selected dates. The first and last day of a reservation are the arrival and departure dates, so their arrival can be your departure date and vice versa.

Request Form: Submit this form for the dates you're interested in reserving, and we'll get back to you to confirm within 24-48 hours!

Along the New England Trail


Cabin rentals give our club the funds necessary to run trips and events for Mount Holyoke students, as well as contribute to our community and outdoor spaces nearby! You will receive payment information in your confirmation email.

Mount Holyoke Students and Staff: $5 per person per night

General Public: Sliding scale, $10-20 per person per night

The Cabin Includes (this has changed):



Cell phone reception (for most carriers)

Wood stove for heat

6 new folding cots for sleeping

3 folding chairs


First aid kit

Broom and dustpan

Outhouse (bring your own hand sanitizer/soap/TP)

Small flashlight

Plastic bin for food storage

Cleaning supplies

Fire extinguisher

Cabin visitor log!

The Cabin Does Not Include:

Wood (please include in the form notes if you are thru-hiking and unable to bring your own - we can work something out!)

Toilet paper

Running water or a nearby water source

Hand sanitizer/soap

Extra flashlights/headlamps* + batteries

Blankets, sleeping bags*, sleeping pads,* etc.

Trash bags or other items for trash pick-up

*starred items can be rented by students and staff in the MHOC office, as well as board games, tents, snowshoes, sleeping pads, etc. Come talk to us!

Rules and Guidelines

*Breaking cabin rules or failing to lock up and return the key may lead to being unable to use the cabin in the future or a potential fine for losses*

Outing Cabin users waive any and all liability as a result of or in connection with their use of the cabin and will defend and hold harmless Mount Holyoke College, its officers, employees, and students from and against any and all loss, claims, and damages arising out of cabin users use of the Outing Cabin.

1. Please arrive no earlier than 3pm on the first day of your reservation and leave by 12pm on the last day of your reservation. These times are flexible! Just let us know that you will need to extend them so we can manage other reservations accordingly.

2. Know that you are responsible for damage and cleaning costs that could become necessary after your visit if you fail to adhere to these rules and guidelines, as well as the instructions for the wood stove. We expect all visitors to treat the cabin property with respect. Have a wonderful time and please let us know if you have any questions!

3. You must take out everything that you bring in. This means that you must bring your own trash bag and collect all trash to take out with you.

4. You must leave the cabin clean. This includes sweeping the floor, wiping down surfaces, tidying any leftover wood, and making sure that there is no food mess (if we leave food, we invite mice!).

5. Make sure to leave the cabin locked. Please be sure to check that both doors are locked as well as any windows/window shutters/outhouse doors!

6. Key policy: You will be charged $30 if you lose the key! Instructions for the key will be sent via email. Please follow instructions for locking up.

7. You may not leave the cabin if there is still a fire or if there are still hot coals in the wood stove. This applies for leaving the cabin permanently as well as leaving for just a short period of time. (If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave!)

8. Please be respectful of neighbors!

9. No smoking is permitted inside of the cabin. If you smoke, please take it outside and don't leave any cigarette butts behind.

10. If you bring a stove for cooking food, please use it outside.

11. Follow all rules and policies set forth by the MHC Office of Student Programs and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

12. Please sign the visitor log!


From Mount Holyoke, go down Route 47 for about 3 miles. There is a dirt road on the right called "Old Mountain Rd." across from the "Entering Hadley" sign. It's easy to miss, so slow down and be on the lookout! Turn right onto this road. Park off to the side on the road just after you pass the trailhead kiosk about 0.25 miles up the road in the trees to the right.

Follow the trail on the white blaze up to the cabin. You will see the cabin on your left from the trail after about 2-5 minutes of walking.

When you leave, continue driving in the same direction that you came in. You'll pass a gate and parking for Skinner State Park. Turn left down the hill until the road meets up with Route 47.

Here is an approximate pin for the parking location:,-72.599656&q=Dropped%20Pin&_ext=EiYpIpG0gcIkRUAxU15DUsQmUsA5oGba3eglRUBBV4VIW/0lUsBQBA%3D%3D&t=m